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What is Yoga? Talk the Talk.

October 8, 2018

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over the years of staying with me my intuitive healing's taken me down many roads. a nerd by nature, I love sharing the grounded intelligence I discovered on practices in life that frequently go misunderstood such as yoga, tarot and the life science of Ayurveda. in my blog "basically brittany explains" unseen, hippy-dippy, holistic mumbo jumbo in a practical, grounded way that hopefully helps you dig the services my friends and I offer a bit more, perhaps even enough to exchange your dollars for my know-how?!

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Yoga's super popular in our day-and-age, but what is it? With so many varieties buzzing about, it's hard to tell these days! Is power yoga really yoga? How about other fads like aerial, acro, yoga barre or even heated yoga?

We won't get too crazy with it today...

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