Interested in bringing yoga to your business?

Corporate Yoga's an up-and-coming market with so many businesses seeing the value of mindfulness and peace-of-mind as a practice for their employees. While there's a variety of ways to offer the practice to your community, I focus on two: gentle introductions and transformative series. 

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"Hello Peace" is a 90-minute introduction to the practice where your employees leave with time-tested stress management tools, specifically: breathing techniques, core alignment and master input on beginning their own self-guided meditation practices. All-exercises practices are further offered in written form so your employees are able to benefit from their practice long after its over.

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"Welcome Peace" is a 5-week transformative program offering all of the tools from "Hello Peace" plus much, much more! An Ayurvedic Yoga journey, this five weeks of practice teaches your employees how to see themselves and one another within their most basic natures. Perfect for a community interested in freeing themselves of stories and drama in order to get back to work!


*The website's caused some businesses issues trying to book these series individually. Please use the contact forum below to inform me of your request should you run into any technical difficulties booking; please include whether you'd prefer a call or email response.