ayurveda +  nature's oils =
zen blend
because reason meets rhyme, every time

all of our blends contain 100% natural ingredients hand-crafted together by a certified yoga master trained in an

ayurvedic village in India to smell you up like heaven & zen out whatever hell may be feelin'

the "guna vibes" series connects us to our inner-healing in such a gentle yet deep way, rooted in the heart of the ancient path of yoga & science of Ayurveda.


the gunas represent three universal forces at play throughout all of the universe, and thus, in our bodies: harmony, passion & destruction. our bodies balance these forces through study, mindful activity & rejuvenate rest. this series offers assistance with all-of-the-above, then some. 

 the "chak 'n awe" series goes deeper into energetic nuances with seven scents, each connected to an internal energy center that governs how we express ourselves.


while there's many nuances to the chakra system that are hard to offer brevity to, it suffices to say that each center offers its own kind of energy in order to keep the complexities of life well-balanced in our bodies. keeping it simple, seven centers, seven energies: (I) safety & security, (II) passion & connection, (III) strength & discipline, (IV) compassion & care, (V) openness & honesty, (VI) balance & understanding, topped off by (VII) faith & unity.  


the chakra balancing series offers aromatherapy blends that entice the lower energy states of these centers to awaken while encouraging the higher energy states to focus and harmonize.

 the natural-love series is on its way!


mat cleaners, aerial cleaners, barre cleaners and a facial cleansing pack that blends rhyme & reason together like the ancient pair we know & love. the science is ready, the products are ready, I'm just waiting on y'all to get used to buying stuff on here so I know it's sustainable to put out the money to create these in bulk. the more y'all want, the more y'all will get!


 created space for natural love